If your roof leaks during or after  rain, it means water has infiltrated your roofing system, posing a threat to the entire roofing cavity. If not addressed, it could result in serious damage and a large investment of both time and money.

Here are some of the top reasons why your roof leaks when it rains.


Metal Roofs & Metal Corrosion

Why does my roof leak when it rains - rust

Metal roofs tend to corrode and rust over time, resulting in roof leaks. While many waterproofing coating products fail or are plagued with application issues, RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber endures as one of the most reliable and versatile roofing sealants and waterproofing agents on the market as it pertains to metal roofs and other popular roofing surfaces.

From top-of-the-line leak protection to various safety advantages, RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber offers remarkable benefits and exceptional product features. Our liquid rubber is hydrophobic and vapour tight. The second it is applied to a surface; the surface becomes entirely waterproof. Liquid rubber also boasts an impermeable membrane and an extremely low vapour transmission rate.

RubberRoofs™ apply proprietary RubberTech™ liquid rubber paint that is expertly formulated to bond with roofing substrates. The rubber coating creates an impermeable barrier between the substrate and the environment, completely sealing the substrate and preventing any moisture from getting through the membrane.

RubberRoofs™ apply rust-resistant and anti-corrosion properties. During the crucial preparation stage of metal roofs, RubberRoofs™ Rostech™ Rust Converter is applied if rust is a factor.


Improper Roof Maintenance / General Roof Negligence

Poor roof maintenance and negligence is one of the top reasons why your roof leaks when it rains. Negligence can have disastrous consequences on your roof, causing roof leaks at weak points. Regular upkeep, resealing, and professional waterproofing will prevent roof leaks and avoid further damage. By neglecting your roof and not addressing roof leaks when they appear, minor issues can transform into systemic problems that require a full re-roof or substantial structural work. This can be incredibly expensive and should be avoided at all costs.


Poor Waterproofing

Why does my roof leak when it rains - bad waterproofing

If the initial waterproofing application or products that have been applied is not up to par it can lead to major roof leaks, cracks, mould issues, and structural defects. RubberRoofs™ applicators exclusively apply RubberTech™ developed, patented, and manufactured liquid rubber paint waterproofing products. RubberTech™ proprietary products are developed to be class-leading, environmentally friendly and are backed by a 10-year warranty. At RubberRoofs™, everything is done in-house without any unnecessary outsourcing, giving us a competitive edge and you piece of mind. All waterproofing projects are carried out by highly trained, supervised RubberRoofs™ applicators, who are known for their quality workmanship and attention to detail.


Extreme Weather Conditions

Why does my roof leak when it rains - heavy rain weather

Extreme weather conditions can be a major cause of roof leaks. Heavy rain often comes with heavy wind. Powerful storms and winds cause roofing materials to break off the roof as well as whip tree branches, trees, and other debris at high speeds, causing it to land or fall on your roof, resulting in severe damage and roof leaks.

Slow and steady falling of rain contribute to roof leaks and has a cumulative impact on your roof over time. Periods of intense heat, prolonged cold, and wild temperature fluctuations degrade roofing materials, ultimately resulting in roof leaks. RubberRoofs™ not only ads protection from the natural elements, but gives your roof a new lease on life.


Roof Age

The age of a roof is one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Even the most well-maintained roofs are going to take a beating by design. Roofing materials deteriorate with age and become less effective at keeping water out. Once a roof reaches the end of its life – approximately 20 – 25 years – roof leaks will begin to develop. These leaks need to be attended to before they cause more severe damage.


Why should you choose RubberRoofs™ to repair & waterproof your roof?

RubberRoofs™ is the trusted name in roof waterproofing. When waterproofing your roof, it is vital to choose the roof sealant that will provide you with the highest quality, long-term results – And that’s exactly what RubberRoofs™ aim to do! While some waterproofing products seal off small and isolated leaks, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber creates virtually impenetrable barriers against water (rain), sun, and other outside factors over your entire roof.

While many waterproofing coating products fail or are plagued with application issues, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber endures as one of the most reliable and versatile roof sealants and waterproofing agents on the market. Boasting top-of-the-line leak protection, superior quality, and easy and seamless application, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber is unparalleled.


Top product features and benefits of RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber:

  • It is highly adhesive and provides superior leak protection
  • Superior flexibility and elasticity
  • Liquid Rubber is waterproof, vapour tight and has an impermeable barrier
  • It is UV stable
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber is both weather and chemical resistant
  • Highly durable and incredibly strong
  • It is lightweight and allows for quick and easy application
  • Liquid Rubber contains rust-resistant and anti-corrosion properties

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