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Waterproofing with Köster TPO Membrane

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Köster TPO Premium
Waterproofing Systems

Köster TPO is a highly specialised, bitumen compatible waterproofing membrane for professional use on commercial and industrial substrates. With its high sustainability, compatibility, proven durability and ease of installation, Köster TPO Membranes provides economy and longevity.

  • Uncompromising
    German engineered to the highest quality specifications
  • Indestructible
    More than 40 years proven durability
  • Economical
    Quick to install and long lasting
  • Endorsed
    Certified safe for water catchment for human consumption and FLL Green Roofs Certification
RubberRoofs™, the sole South African agency for Köster, offers the locally embraced, German-engineered Köster TPO, a thermoplastic membrane known for its 40-year durability and compatibility with bitumen.

Why TPO vs PVC vs Bitumen

  • Köster TPO is bitumen compatible and can simply be overlay.
  • Köster TPO is thermo-welded at the seams, resulting in a comparative 400% increased impermeability.
  • In contrast to toxic leaching, brittling PVC, Köster TPO is non-toxic, heat reflective and environmentally conscious.
  • In addition to roof structures, Köster TPO can be used in drinking water catchment and holding tanks, water treatment tanks, and underground structures, including basement.
  • Köster TPO is certified safe for water catchment for human consumption.
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