Cool Roof Technology


Next Generation ThermoTech™ Titanium Liquid Rubber Paint™ effectively reflects up to 85% of Infrared and UV radiation, instead of allowing heat to be transferred into the building.

Reducing Temperature by 44%.

ThermoTech™ Cool Roof Technology substantially contributes to a building’s process efficiency and comfort, savings in energy and running costs while further extending the life of infrastructure.

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Less demand for energy further extends the life of infrastructure.

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Rubber Roofs Thermal Roof Before
Rubber Roofs Thermal Roof Before


ThermoTech Roof Insulation After


liquid rubber paint - rubber roofs

Thermotech is available in 5 colour options

Choose from one of our stylish Thermotech colours

RubberRoofs Black Roof Paint Colour


RubberRoofs White Roof Paint Colour


RubberRoofs Light Grey Roof Paint Colour

Light Grey

RubberRoofs Medium Grey Roof Paint Colour

Medium Grey

RubberRoofs Dark Grey Roof Paint Colour


Bonds to most construction materials.

Most popular surfaces we coat.

Tiled Roof Repair - Roof Waterproofing Company South Africa

Tiled Roofs

Roof Waterproofing Company - Metal Roofs - Waterproofing Company Cape Town

Metal Roofs

Asbestos Roof Sealing - Roof Waterproofing Johannesburg - Liquid Rubber Paint


Concrete Waterproofing - Concrete Roof Repair South Africa - Liquid Rubber Paint


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