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Rubber Roof Paint

RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™

Liquid Rubber Roof Paint

Highly Adhesive

RubberRoofs™ RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ is expertly formulated to be applied to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, stone, asbestos and metals as a long-life sealant.

Liquid Rubber Roof Paint


Liquid Rubber Paint™ has excellent elongation capabilities, flexing and stretching with the substrate as it heats and cools.

Waterproof Roof Paint

Impermeable Barrier

Impermeable Barrier RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ creates an impermeable waterproofing barrier, keeping your asset protected for ultra-long time periods.

RubberRoofs Liquid Rubber Paint

UV AND IR Stable

RubberRoofs™ RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ is designed specifically for the harsh South African climate and displays excellent UV stability and Infra-Red handling characteristics. This allows our product to maintain it’s strength and flexibility for longer.

RubberRoofs Weather Icon - Liquid Rubber Paint

Weather Resistant

Our product is Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Salt Resistant, and UV Stable makes the Rubber Roofs™ product extremely durable and long lasting.

Liquid Rubber Paint

Environmentally Conscious

RubberRoofs™ waterbased Liquid Rubber Paint™ is lead free, low VOC and dispatched in recycled, recyclable packaging. Our substrate bio organic sanitizers is specifically developed to be safe and our algae control systems to be antiseptic.



Grey can be green.

KÖSTER TPO Premium. The sustainable roofing membrane.

KÖSTER TPO Premium is a highly specialized roofing membrane for professional use on freely weathered industrial roofs in lightweight construction. With its high sustainability, it provides economy and longevity for a modern and resource friendly building culture. All materials are recycable, being friendly to the environment.


Indestructible: more than 40 years of proven durability on the roof
Economical: quick and easy to install, long-lasting
Easy to weld: top and bottom layers are made of the same material
Safe: very wide welding temperature range from +400 °C to +620 °C
Reliable: up to 20 years guarantee from the Allianz Insurance for Installation and Material
• … and offers even more advantages: UV-resistant, root and rhizome resistant, acid and Kerosene resistant, recyclable, high tensile strength and elongation values, resistant to Microorganisms, low fire load – even direct laying on EPS possible, will not become brittle (no volatile plasticizers, no PVC)

Roof Cleaning High Pressure Hose RubberRoofs


Köster Crisin 76 penetrates deeply into even the smallest capillaries and pores in building materials.  Due to its very low density and lower surface tension than water, Crisin 76 Concentrate displaces the water in capillaries.  Capillaries lined with Crisin 76 Concentrate are lined with resin and hydrophobic. The curing of the injected product is independent of the drying of the masonry.

A very thin, solvent-free, concentrated liquid synthetic resin.


  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Applicable even in cases of high moisture contents until 95 % ± 5%
  • Applicable even in cases of high salt contents
  • Fast reaction, immediately effective
  • Remains flexible
  • The material´s action principle has been proven to be effective for more than 40 years
  • No subsequent injection is necessary. One-time installation, guaranteed success
  • It does not decay or decompose
  • Patented system
  • Acts neutrally
  • Does not effloresce
  • It does not affect steel reinforcement
  • Resistant to all of the usual corrosives in masonry, such as acids, alkalis, and salts
  • Easy application
  • Seamless application
  • Suitable for new construction and repair of existing structures
  • Ideal for most types of salts (sulfates, nitrates, chlorides)
  • Solvent-free
  • The treated substrate does not have to be alkaline for the material to react
  • No prior or subsequent drying of the wall is necessary, even in case of high moisture contents
  • Cannot be diluted with water / is not water-soluble
  • Resistant against most ordinary aggressive substances
  • Easy installation, horizontal drilling.
  • Access is required only to one side of the wall
Roof Cleaning High Pressure Hose RubberRoofs

Rust Treatment


RostTech™ Rust Treatment converter is our expertly formulated, full function, water-based rust converter, with structured polymer primer. With thorough preparation, RostTech™ Rust Treatment penetrates deeper than standard converters into rust and converts rust into a stable, inert ferric phosphate compound that together with the built-in primer element, forms an effective barrier layer of protection from further corrosion.

RubberRoofs Industrial Waterproofing Liquid Rubber Roof Paint Before


RubberRoofs Industrial Waterproofing Liquid Rubber Roof Paint After


AlgenTech Liquid Rubber Roof Paint

XE Protect


Coastal and Southern regions have 100% algae, fungi or moss prevalent. RubberRoofs™ applicators sanitise the surface with AlgenTech™ in the preparation stage and AlgenTech™ XE Protect, our dry state microbial fungus and algae attack protector, is added to the Liquid Rubber Paint™ to inhibit future organism growth. This process considerably lengthens the lifetime of waterproofing.

Cool Roof Technology


Next Generation ThermoTech™ Titanium Liquid Rubber Paint™ effectively reflects up to 85% of IR solar radiation and emits or convex heat instead of allowing it to be transferred into the building.

ThermoTech™ Cool Roof Technology substantially contributes to a building’s process efficiency and comfort, wich cause savings in energy and running costs while conditionally improving comfort levels.

Less demand for energy further extends the life of infrastructure.

ThermoTech Liquid Rubber Roof Paint
AsbestoSeal Asbestos Treatment Sealer & Roof Encapsulator Before

Advanced Asbestos Roof Sealing


Asbestos fibers become loose with weathering and is a health hazard. RubberRoofs™ AsbestoSeal™ is formulated to encapsulate and bind asbestos fibers. AsbestoSeal™ is also formulated with moss, algae and fungal growth inhibitors.

Clean & Treat Your Roof

Roof Cleaning

Is your roof dirty, mouldy or clogged up with organics such as algae, moss and lichen? We can clean your roof and give your home or building a new lease on life and also improve the value of your property if you are considering selling.

Learn more about our roof cleaning services.

RubberRoofs Roof Cleaning Services
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Bonds to most construction materials.

Most popular surfaces we coat.

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