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KÖSTER TPO Premium. The sustainable roofing membrane.

KÖSTER TPO Premium is a highly specialized roofing membrane for professional use on freely weathered industrial roofs in lightweight construction. With its high sustainability, it provides economy and longevity for a modern and resource friendly building culture. All materials are recycable, being friendly to the environment.


Indestructible: more than 40 years of proven durability on the roof
Economical: quick and easy to install, long-lasting
Easy to weld: top and bottom layers are made of the same material
Safe: very wide welding temperature range from +400 °C to +620 °C
Reliable: up to 20 years guarantee from the Allianz Insurance for Installation and Material
• … and offers even more advantages: UV-resistant, root and rhizome resistant, acid and Kerosene resistant, recyclable, high tensile strength and elongation values, resistant to Microorganisms, low fire load – even direct laying on EPS possible, will not become brittle (no volatile plasticizers, no PVC)

koster tpo 20 year guarantee
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With KÖSTER TPO Premium is the first roofing membrane developed that is based on 100% virgin polymers material. A significant amount of homogenous and polyethylene makes KÖSTER TPO Premium with all its functional high tech characteristics extraordinarily sustainable. After decades of use, at the far end of their life cycle, KÖSTER TPO Premium roofing membranes can be almost entirely recycled.

KÖSTER TPO Premium is free of volatile plasticizers, chloride, or other harmful substances and therefore harmless towards health, water, soil, plants, and animals. No chemicals are released even while hot-air welding.

Mechanically fastened installation

Our KÖSTER TPO Premium roofing membrane can be mechanically fastened through the insulation onto the substructure and subsequently hot air welded with hot air in the overlapped area.

Extremely economical

The long lifespan of more than 30 years, the use of material that is resycable, and a cost efficient production make KÖSTER TPO Premium a particularly economical waterproofing membrane. Especially when compared with PVC membranes, cost benefits are obtained across the entire lifespan.

Outstanding lifespan

Weatherproof, flexible, resistant against chemicals, homogenous: KÖSTER TPO Premium convinces through its richness of excellent material characteristics. The membranes expand with heat and contract in colder environmental conditions. Through this, damage due to thermal strain – e.g. shattering – is effectively prevented. When it comes to high quality, durable PE waterproofing, KÖSTER TPO Premium is the first choice.

Certified sustainability

Using recyclates, KÖSTER TPO Premium provides a positive contribution towards a sustainable building culture and thereby towards the fulfillment of criteria for a DGNB certificate. The ecological evaluation is based on the Environmental Product Declaration of the IBU (Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V.).

Easy and secure application

The excellent workability is a prominent feature of KÖSTER TPO Premium roofing membranes. The homogenous material composition of both the top and bottom layers ensures a simple, straightforward, and safe welding seam with a wide welding temperature window and a permanent weldability beyond common construction time frames. Chemical seam cleaning is not required.


New construction or renovation: KÖSTER TPO Premium is suitable for all lightweight roof structures, bitumen compatible, and applicable on a variety of substrates.

KÖSTER TPO Premium is a highly specialized roofing membrane for professional use on freely weathered industrial roofs in lightweight construction. With its high sustainability, it provides economy and longevity for a modern and resource friendly building culture.

Building and the Environment

The KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is committed to protecting and preserving our environment. We combine the use of the most modern raw materials and production technologies in connection with constant research and development. This means that most materials are not only solvent-free but are also designed for minimal environmental impact and maximum safety for the installers. The KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG is also a member of the Institute for Building and the Environment, whose members are committed to sustainable construction. The basis for this is the transparent disclosure of all relevant product information, including the life cycle assessment data.

KÖSTER TPO roofing membranes are, at the same time, ecologically and economically advantageous because of their durability over decades and because of the low maintenance intensity. They protect buildings from water ingress, the most common and costly cause of building damage. Real estate is preserved longer, and essential resources are saved. In contrast to other roofing membranes, KÖSTER TPO roofing membranes do not release plasticizers into the environment and can be optimally recycled. They do not become brittle and are, therefore, more durable. KÖSTER TPO Roofing Membranes are an excellent base for green roofs.

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