The cost of waterproofing a roof is dependent on a variety of factors and can vary significantly from one roof to the next.

Waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of home repair and home maintenance. Water leaks and roof damage, whether minor or severe, not only cause aesthetic damage, but can result in significant structural damage to your property. The longer you leave moisture exposure, the more damage it will cause, ultimately costing you more to repair. By acting fast and not cutting any corners, you will end up saving hundreds of thousands of Rands in the future.

Waterproofing your roof can be an extremely costly endeavour. As a result, it is vital to select a waterproofing product that not only guarantees the best results, but yields the greatest return on your investment.

A RubberRoofs™ representative will gladly provide you with an obligation-free quotation. Factors that impact cost can be condition of the roof, access to the roof and size of the roof. RubberRoofs™ waterproofing solutions cost a fraction of replacing your roof, and extends the life of your roof significantly.

Studies have shown that people tend to put off waterproofing, upgrading, or maintaining their roof because of the high cost involved. Even though addressing leaks are crucial, you want to make sure you are making the smartest possible investment before taking that costly leap. This is where RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber comes in! One of the major advantages of using liquid rubber to waterproof your roof is that it is incredibly cost-effective both in the short and long-term.

While liquid rubber does require an initial investment on your part, it is nowhere near as costly as most other roofing insulation materials. Liquid rubber is also very easy and quick to install compared to other waterproofing sealant products, eliminating all the additional stress, disruptions, and extended repair timeline typically associated with waterproofing your roof.

The superior durability of liquid rubber is also a big contributor to keeping the total cost of waterproofing down. It is significantly more cost-effective to pay a bigger sum upfront for a strong, highly durable, and long-lasting material than to constantly pay and deal with unwanted, unnecessary, and repeated repairs, leaks, and even replacements when using an inferior product. In addition, the fact that liquid rubber boasts an enhanced energy efficiency means you will save a great deal of money on your energy and utility bills too.

Besides good long-term yield and superior durability, the benefits and quality of the product and whether or not the waterproofing will be done by a qualified and experienced installer are key factors to consider. Incorrectly installed and poorly applied waterproofing products will fail, resulting in damaging leaks and unnecessary and costly roof repairs.

At RubberRoofs™, you will not only receive a 10-year warranty when waterproofing your roof, but our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team of waterproofing experts specialise in industrial, residential, and commercial waterproofing applications on a variety of surfaces, including tiled roofs, metal roofs, asbestos, and concrete. This ensures that all your waterproofing needs and requirements are met to the highest of standards and that the job is done right the first time!

At RubberRoofs™ we prioritise excellent workmanship, client-centred service delivery, a tailored approach and exceptional quality in everything we do to deliver a waterproofing service that produces unparalleled results worth every cent of your investment.

While many waterproofing coating products fail or are plagued with application issues, RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber endures as one of the most reliable and versatile roofing sealants and waterproofing agents on the market.

The top features and benefits of RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber include:

  • Highly adhesive: RubberRoofs™ Liquid rubber can be applied to a vast range of surfaces including, concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, EPDM, wood, PVC, and zinc. Liquid Rubber adheres fully to the substrate irrespective of the material, sealing it and keeping corrosive elements away.
  • Flexible: With an elongation capability of up to 900%, Liquid Rubber is incredibly flexible. It has the ability to flex and stretch with a substrate through both heating and cooling anywhere from -40°C to 160°C without damaging.
  • Impermeable barrier: RubberRoofs™ Liquid rubber is waterproof and vapour tight. The Liquid Rubber coatings create an impermeable barrier between the environment and the substrate. This barrier can withstand ponding water on flat roofs or be used in overspill containment.
  • UV Stable: Liquid Rubber not only remains flexible for longer periods of time compared to other waterproofing products, it does not embrittle, chalk, or lose strength as a result of UV exposure/
  • Environmentally friendly: RubberRoofs™ is fully committed to the environment and doing everything it can to promote conscious environmentally friendly production and overall sustainability. All of their liquid rubber products are Water Based and VOC Free, and pose no harm to humans or nature in any way.
  • Weather and chemical resistant: RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber sealant is resistant to most corrosive chemicals such as, alkalis, acids, and solvents, both liquids and gases. It also protects a substrate from corrosive environments like factories or plants as well as chemicals in tanks. The fact that it is heat resistant, waterproof, salt resistant, and UV stable makes RubberRoofs™ Liquid Rubber extremely durable and long lasting – The ultimate waterproofing product across all sectors and surfaces.

How much does it cost to waterproof a roof

When should you waterproof your roof?

Leaving moisture exposure for an extended period of time or underestimating and disregarding the extent of the damage, are major contributors to the escalating cost of waterproofing your roof.

Simply put, the sooner you identify any problems, the less damage will ensue and the lower the total cost of waterproofing your roof will be. Prompt action = superior, long-lasting results at a lower price!

One way to remain on top of these issues is to take regular strolls around your house or commercial or industrial property to inspect for any signs of damage or leaks. If you spot any of the following issues, you may need a waterproofing expert:

  • Peeling paint or water bubbles
  • Cracked walls
  • Mold, mildew, and vegetative growth
  • Watermarks or damp
  • Rust and stains
  • Wood rot
  • Odours

It is always better to prevent waterproofing issues from happening in the first place, instead of having to fix it once it has progressed. Prevention and early detection are also great ways to reduce the total cost of waterproofing your roof.

We highly recommend that you do your due diligence beforehand by consulting with our skilled and experienced team of waterproofing experts to determine whether or not any waterproofing work is required. This is vital if you are starting construction on a new home, property, or commercial or industrial project or if you’re doing any renovations or maintenance work on your roof and/or property. If waterproofing is required, our expertly trained team of RubberRoofs™ waterproofing professionals are ready to assist. They specialise in waterproofing applications across various sectors and all roof types, to produce optimal, long-term, and highly satisfactory results.

Top tips to consider before waterproofing your roof

  • Request a quote: Before hiring the first waterproofing company you come across, make sure you request an accurate quote to see exactly what you’re in for and how much it will cost to waterproof your roof. This way you are able to ask the necessary questions, do your research and make sure you are receiving what you are requesting.

Click here to request a FREE online quote from RubberRoofs™ today. Alternatively, contact RubberRoofs™ on 087 094 8092 to find out more or to request a quote from one of our expert waterproofing specialists. You can also visit the RubberRoofs™ website for everything you need to know.

  • Pricing: While the total cost of waterproofing your roof is vital to consider, it is important to not make your final decision solely based on the price. Often, the most cost-effective waterproofing product and service may end up producing the best result. Likewise, the most expensive quote does not necessarily guarantee the best workmanship.

If you make the mistake of prioritising the cost of waterproofing your roof over using a quality product and qualified installer, you run the risk of incorrectly installed and poorly applied waterproofing products which are not only inferior but will fail. Ultimately resulting in damaging leaks and unnecessary, costly, and repeated roof repairs.

  • Warranties: It is crucial that the waterproofing company you choose to use include a warranty in your final waterproofing cost. RubberRoofs™ offer all our clients a ten-year warranty on our waterproofing product and service.
  • Experience: When requesting a waterproofing quote, it is important to know the level/degree of experience the company and its team of waterproofing specialists have as well as what areas of waterproofing they specialise in. This way you are able to determine whether the company and its team is right for you and if it will achieve your desired outcome and expectations.


RubberRoofs™ pride itself on being the trusted name in roof waterproofing. Our team of meticulously skilled, exceptionally trained, knowledgeable, passionate, and highly experienced waterproofing experts specialise in waterproofing applications across all surfaces and sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial. When it comes to RubberRoofs™, there is no waterproofing project too big or too small, we do it all!

  • Materials / product: With a vast range of waterproofing products, solutions, and materials on the market, each of which varies in their quality, characteristics, and longevity, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your roof. Before taking the next step in waterproofing your roof, it is important to do your due diligence and find out as much as possible about the waterproofing product/sealant used by the particular company, including the quality of the product.

The main factors that will determine how much it will cost to waterproof your roof include:

  • The state of your roof / Extent of the damage: The condition of the roof before application will have an influence on the cost of waterproofing your roof. If your roof is severely damaged, rusted or already has a failed waterproofing system in place, the total cost will be higher as precautionary measures will need to be taken prior to application to ensure the success of the new waterproofing system.
  • The type of roof: Depending on whether your roof is shingled or metal, sloped or flat, low or high pitch, the cost of waterproofing and roof repairs will vary.
  • The size of your roof.
  • The materials: The more expensive the materials, the more your roof will cost to repair.
  • Sky lights / chimneys / roof add-ons: Any additional roof add-ons will escalate the cost of waterproofing and roof repairs. Especially if any of these add-ons need to be repaired or replaced as well.
  • Whether or not there is water damage: Repairing water damage to your roof is considerably more expensive and therefore increases your overall cost. Fixing/repairing roof water damage is an essential aspect of roof maintenance that should not be overlooked as it can lead to a total roof replacement (which is incredibly expensive).

Click here to request a FREE online quote from RubberRoofs™ today. Alternatively, contact RubberRoofs™ on 087 094 8092 to find out more or to request a quote from one of our expert waterproofing specialists. You can also visit the RubberRoofs™ website for everything you need to know.