Water leaks are more common in the rainy seasons of the area your roof or property is located, therefore if you have summer rains, the best is to get the roof inspected and sealed before the rainy season starts. This applies for areas like Johannesburg, Durban and most of South Africa. The same applies for a winter rain season like Cape Town or along the coastal areas of the Western Cape. This allows the RubberRoofs™ team  to work in the correct conditions and give the product the correct curing time as needed.

What is the best time of the year to do waterproofing summer

Winter seasons also poses a threat in the application of waterproofing. The cold weather causes the working hours on a roof to minimize and the timeline of the roof waterproofing application to prolong. The reasons behind this is that liquid rubber paints curing process is regulated by drying time and also temperature. In the winter we have frost and dew that sit on roofs overnight and keeps the roof wet until late morning, therefore working hours are shortened in the winter time.

Can your roof be waterproofed during the rainy season?

What is the best time of the year to do waterproofing rain

It is possible to get your roof waterproofed during the rainy season. The work will only be performed on non-rainy days and this will extend the timeline of a waterproofing project.

RubberRoofs™ application process follows a strict procedure to make sure that the warranty and quality of our workmanship and application is met.

RubberRoofs™ is the trusted name in waterproofing™. When waterproofing your roof, it is vital to choose the roof sealant that will provide you with the highest quality, long-term results – And that’s exactly what RubberRoofs™ aim to do! While some waterproofing products seal off small and isolated leaks, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber paint creates virtually impenetrable barriers against water (rain), sun, and other outside factors over your entire roof.

While many waterproofing coating products fail or are plagued with application issues, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber paint endures as one of the most reliable and versatile roof sealants and waterproofing agents on the market. Boasting top-of-the-line leak protection, superior quality, and easy and seamless application, RubberRoofs™ liquid rubber paint is unparalleled.

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