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Asbestos fibers become loose with weathering and is a health hazard. RubberRoofs™ AsbestoSeal™ is formulated to encapsulate and bind asbestos fibers. AsbestoSeal™ is also formulated with moss, algae and fungal growth inhibitors.
AsbestoSeal Asbestos Sealer & Roof Treatment
AsbestoSeal Asbestos Treatment Sealer & Roof Encapsulator Before


AsbestoSeal Asbestos Treatment Sealer & Roof Encapsulator After


Asbestos encapsulation is superior to Asbestos Removal.

Asbestos Roof Solutions & Painting

Asbestos roof encapsulation restores the integrity of the asbestos roof sheeting by applying a bonding layer of paint over the entire roof. RubberRoofs™ AsbestoSeal™ is formulated to soak through the lichen and degrading surface layer encapsulating and binding the asbestos fibers.

There is a large cost to removing and replacing asbestos roofing and there are strict regulatory guidelines and costs associated with the safe removal and disposal of asbestos roofs.

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Asbestos Roof Painting & Sealing

Asbestos Removal vs Encapsulation

AsbestoSeal Asbestos Roof Fibres

Asbestos Roof Fibres

Asbestos removal can be an expensive option due to the dangers involved with handling or disturbing the material. There are strict policies and guidelines for disposing of old Asbestos roofs which adds to the cost of removal.

Asbestos roof encapsulation seals the asbestos roof sheets by applying a bonding layer of paint over the entire roof. RubberRoofs™ AsbestoSeal™ along with RubberRoofs™ other products can extend the life of your commercial or industrial roof saving you money, increasing safety and improving the value of your property.

Asbestos was used in many building materials before it’s health implications were discovered.

What Is Asbestos

Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring minerals made up of heat-resistant fibers. It was used in thousands consumer products, most notably asbestos roofs, before the dangers of asbestos were known.

Asbestos has long fibrous crystals which on a microscopic level have tiny fibres that are released into the air if the material is disturbed or has started to degrade or show wear and tear.

Asbestos Related Diseases

AsbestoSeal Asbestos Roof Seal Lungs
Breathing in Asbestos fibres can lead to various respiratory system related diseases. These include Asbestosis, Pleural disease, Mesothelioma as well as other forms of lung cancer. Asbestos exposure can also cause ovarian and laryngeal cancers.

Tiny asbestos fibres, from a degrading asbestos roof, can get stuck in the lungs and irritate the tissues there.

The risks related to asbestos occur when the asbestos becomes old, brittle and/or damaged and fibres become airborne.

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