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Rubber Roofs™ is the Trusted Name In Roof Waterproofing.

Our skilled teams of waterproofing experts specialise in industrial and residential applications, confidently backed by our 10 year product warranty.

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Bonds to most construction materials.

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Tiled Roofs

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Metal Roofs

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main product features

Rubber Roofs™ product features and benefits.

Liquid Rubber Paint

Highly Adhesive

RubberRoofs™ RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ is expertly formulated to be applied to a wide variety of substrates including concrete, stone, asbestos and metals as a long-life sealant.


Liquid Rubber Paint™ has excellent elongation capabilities, flexing and stretching with the substrate as it heats and cools.

Impermeable Barrier

Impermeable Barrier RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ creates an impermeable waterproofing barrier, keeping your asset protected for ultra-long time periods.

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UV AND IR Stable

RubberRoofs™ RubberTech™ Liquid Rubber Paint™ is designed specifically for the harsh South African climate and displays excellent UV stability and Infra-Red handling characteristics. This allows our product to maintain it’s strength and flexibility for longer.

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Our product is Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Salt Resistant, and UV Stable makes the Rubber Roofs™ product extremely durable and long lasting.

Liquid Rubber Paint

Environmentally Conscious

RubberRoofs™ waterbased Liquid Rubber Paint™ is lead free, low VOC and dispatched in recycled, recyclable packaging. Our substrate bio organic sanitizers is specifically developed to be safe and our algae control systems to be antiseptic.

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